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In natural environment. Eco-style in interior design

The eco-style has no exact date of creation. As a design trend, this style started at the end of XX century, and since then keeps its place among to interior design styles. This year the eco-style is one of the most salient. Why? Let’s talk about it.
In natural environment. Eco-style in interior design
 In Russia, the 2017 was declared to be the year of environment and every endeavor in the area is somehow reflected both at national scale and in personal space. We are surrounding ourselves with environmentally friendly materials, save water and electricity, bring a piece of nature to the house - living plants - and are taking care of them.

However, the eco theme is not restricted to Russia, its a universal global trend. From the start of the year the trend was prominent on the most prestigious global interior design venues. This trend comprises interior items of natural and environmentally friendly materials comprising wood, natural fabrics (wool and linen), natural stones (marble, onyx, agate), and furniture with organic flowing shapes, and fabrics and wallpaper with drawings that imitate natural environment, and even whole series of interior items created from recycled materials. However, let’s start from the start.


Vogue for riot of life assuring green colours reminding us of beautiful spring, and nature revival, was set by Pantone. Pantone declared the 2017 as the year of the young greenery colour - Greenery.
It seams, that the best designers were led by motto - “greenery, a lot of fresh, lush, bright greenery” in creating collections for the season. The green emerged in furniture upholstery, carpets, textiles for home.


This year B&B Italia presented at interior exhibition in Milan green velvet upholstered chair. The centrepiece of Opera collection by Angelo Cappellini is soft sofa of beautiful muted green shade. Tabletops of coffee tables Yari by Flou look like cut malachite playing with all shades o green. Fashionable and stylish, calling to rest and relax. This is the look of trendy furniture in the green palette associated with the natural environment and soothing the nervous system.


Eco-style is the evident leader of the season because of combination of several synergetic trends comprising greed colour; continuously salient Scandinavian interior, which makes use of furniture and accessories from natural materials, as well as escapism. The escapism term was derived from escape, which means run from reality. Where one can hide from stress and tension of megalopolis? In the nature. However, the opportunity to escape is rare, unlike to need to be in natural environment. Therefore, the trend of introduction of nature into your home, creating green “oases” is rather logical.


For sure, it is easy to put planters with palm trees or ficuses. Though, how to fit plants into the interior design? The manufacturers of home decor and accessories catered for this. We need to just select, what is suiting the best. The French Compagnie offers a large collection of items for living greens in living spaces. For example, the Scandinavian interiors will be perfectly added by wall composition, consisting of small shelves for books and fastenings for flower pots. The vertical fixing laths set the rhythm of the interior, wheres lush greens promote relaxation. 


For sophisticated clients, Compagnie offers space MIROIR EN HERBE (herbal mirror) of unusual construction of stainless steel. Using this construction, you can create an exquisite green panel in a matter of minutes. It’s enough to put soil in scarfs and plant the plants to make them flow down the waterfall. Each box part of the “mirror” is equipped with opening for moisture release, which allows maintain an optimum mode for plants growing.


Of course, speaking about the environment we should mention an inextricable link with the recycling and processing of materials. Designers from all parts of the world are striving to give the second life to wooden, paper, cardboard and plastic wastes.
One of the best examples is the Kungsbacka kitchen by IKEA. The antracite fronts of the kitchen are made of recycled wood and plastics. The collections by IKEA comprise vases of glass shivers and even a table of recycled package. 

Design studio Meb Rure of Istanbul created bright pouf of scraps of fabric. 


Whereas Anima Pictured created line of ecological furniture of recycled pallets. Jens Praet Studio proved, that even such an unusual materials as paper from shredding machine may be turned into masterpiece. According to the technology, the paper waste is mixed with the resin and densely compressed, resulting in a durable composite similar to wood material.


Despite the relatively often change in design trends, I would like to hope that the eco-style will never go out of fashion, as it immerses us into natural environment, which is closer and more familiar to all of us.

The new design season started in January and now it reached its peak. The heyday will be in fall, when we will dive into atmosphere of interior exhibitions of 2017. organizers and future participants of InDecor Moscow are ready to conquer our hearts with new stylish, respectable and environmentally friendly goods for interior design.

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