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09 - 12 October 2019 • Moscow, Crocus Expo, Pavillion 2, Hall 9

Business Programme Events, October 10-13, 2018

October 10, 2018, Wednesday

“Why is it important to choose and pick interior textile at the beginning of the project”

Ilya Gulyants and Katya Alagich
Founders of El Born design studio, Grand Prix winners of the international competition Design Debut 2017.
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El Born is a creative union of Ilya Gulyants and Katya Alagich.
Katya is an architect, in 2014 she graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute, studied interior design at British Higher School of Art and Design. Ilya is a seasoned restauranteur, and graduated from the International School of Design.

Katya and Ilya are existing members of the International association “Union of Designers” and also Grand Prix winners of the International competition Design Debut 2017.

El Born design studio was named after the cognominal Barcelona district full of art workshops and galleries. Ilya and Katya strive to fill their projects, including furniture and interior designs, with that feeling of freedom, colors and lightness.

“Interior design: how and why start-ups change the market rules”

Boris Kuznetsov and Maria Oganessyan
Product director and Head of design department at Flatplan
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Stepan Bugaev is a founder of Tochka Design Studio, more than 1000 clients.

He is a founder of Flatplan – groundbreaking service of interior design market in Russia. Over 100 places of employment and 11 years of in-market activity. He is a participant of the list “100 best interiors designers of Russia”.

Stepan is a tutor of NRU HSE Interior design school. He created over 10 courses and taught over 200 graduates.

Stepan is a tutor of intensive course at Interior & Experience Design Week London, Future London Academy.

He is a patron of Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, and a patron of Typography, Krasnodar Centre for Contemporary Art.

Stepan Bugaev graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, with Master Degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics, and also from State University – Higher School of Economics, with Master Degree in Business Informatics.

“Self-esteem begins at well done interior.”

“Procurement: how to manage legal risks and how to work with suppliers”

Sergey Timofeev
Practicing Lawyer, Head of the Legal Service for Designers «12 Rules»
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Sergey Timofeev is an author of a number of academic papers and a winner of National Heritage award for suggestions on development of Constitution of the Russian Federation.

Focus area of his work is legal support for interior design, architecture, web development business.

"The light of artwork"

Victor Lazarenko
Art director of Victor Lazar Workshop
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Victor studied economics and management at the university, worked for major companies, managed his own project, launched new projects and managed investments of other people. But at one point he found out that he gets no fun from work anymore.

Looking for something new Victor travelled a lot and did yoga. After his travelling through Eastern countries Victor came back to Russia and settled in one quiet place in Kaluga oblast.

Step by step he studied woodwork and once again started his own project - experimental workshop named "Victor Lazar". It still was his own project as a form, but on the inside it was different in view and approach to it. The process of creation is delightful, every piece of artwork gets its own attention. Victor strives to bring more cozy light and nature's harmony to homespaces.

Victor's workshop approch is always individual and every piece is unique. Every piece he creates is art as it is.

"Cafes and restaurants vs private interiors. Choice of direction"
Co-organizer: BERLOGOS Internet magazine

Artemy Saranin
Head of ALLARTSDESIGN company
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Artemy was born and raised in the city of Perm (Ural, Russia). Since he was 5 year old, he was interested in interiors, studied drawing and art. He graduated from Moscow Academy of Painting.

Since 1998 he works for himself. His favorite segment is HoReCa interiors: interesting restaurants, cafes, night clubs, public places. More than 100 projects were done in different cities of Russia.

“We make interior design projects for apartments very rarely and only for close acquaintances. More likely because of implementation limits. Restaurants need to attract clients so they prefer to take the risk, and sometimes restauranteurs support the most adventurous experiments. This is the key point why we choose to implement HoReCa projects rather than private spaces.”


“ALLARTSDESIGN interior design studio vision is based on principles of effective and varying creation of public spaces atmosphere. We support every one of our suggestions and during all the stages of preparing a project functionality and ecological compatibility give way only to aesthetics and comfort. Our brand identity is author eclecticism and the inductrial, combing monumental luxuriousness of classicism and flawless handmade style in modern interpretation.

Our 10+ years of working experience and classical taste allow us to project spaces of any difficulty, and cooperation with European partners guarantees rational approach to design.

Final stage of implementation of individual concept with the help of interior original elements will underline significance and success of your business!”

"New of Salon Internazionale Del Mobile 2018. From prototype to implementation"

Sergey Gvozdev
Director General of Archistudio company (representative of Italian manufacturers), professional of furniture market with 20+ years of experience

"Concept. How to arouse client's interest"

Evgeniya Shilova and Ilya Yeroshevich
Architects, founders of DesignRocks Studio
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Evgeniya and Ilya are founders of DesignRocks studio on the list of 100 best interior design studios according to AD Magazine. They are also finalists of international interior prize Design-et-al at London, participants of "Country House Response" TV Show.

Studio team admire their job, putting their heart into design and implementation of projects. The team has many years of experience in realizing projects of diverse scale in Russia and in Belarus. They prefer modern style which gives wide opportunities for creative work. Every project is personalised with individual attention to it because founders of DesignRocks hear and understand what people want and make their dreams come true.

October 11, 2018, Thursday

“Ultramodern approaches towards interior finishing”
Co-organizer: Union of Designers and Architects

Nina Lopatina
Founder of Opendoor Creative Union
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Nina is a founder of Opendoor Creative Union. She graduated from Moscow Institute of Architecture. Nina is a multi-discipline specialist and has a working experience of more than 10 years. She is also an expert of design studio management and often delivers speeches at educational design events.

“Mood boards and collages as the important instrument for space decoration”

Ivan Mirolyubov
Art Director of Tochka Design
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Ivan is an interior designer and art director of Tochka design studio on the list of 100 best interior design studios according to AD Magazine. He is a lecturer of intensive course "Rules of creating a successful project" at Interior Design School of NRU HSE, and an author of course on making collages and mood boards.

Ivan is a prizewinner of Interni Design Awards for the best project of private interior design. He delivers speeches on design topics and prepares articles for leading interior design magazines and sites.

“Correct self-presentation for interior designers to engage customers”
Co-organizer: ArchDialog agency

Svetlana Kotlukova
Founder of ArchDialog agency
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Svetlana graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) with engineering degree. Then she continued working in media, and later as a PR manager. She received her second degree on public relations and marketing and then became a head of marketing and advertising department at development company. After that she established ArchDialog agency.

Svetlana is an author of all the creative ideas of the agency, she is its main engine and main realizer. She feels if the idea is promising, and the most frequently these ideas become new, outrageous and effective.

To invent something, to organize, to inspire and to hold something – that’s all about her.

"Modern trends in interior design"

Victor Dembowski
Designer, Architecture and Design Historian, Leading Lecturer of “Interior Design” course at International Design School
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Victor graduated from postgraduate program “Theory and History of Arts” at Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Design and Applied Arts and undertook internships at the Royal College of Art (London) and at EnsAD (Paris).

He has been teaching since 2009. Victor develops academic programmes on design, special courses and workshops. He also delivers speeches as an expert at the training and educational events for designers, like Elle Decoration Design Days, West Labs, Espocada Trend Week etc. Victor participates in various scientific conferences in Russia and abroad.

Victor is an author of professional internships for designers at the international design exhibitions such as Maison&Objet, IMM Cologne, iSaloni and many others.

He promotes artwork by Charles Rennie Mackintosh in Russia.

Victor works in the field of interior design, design journalism and education in Russia and abroad. He prepares popular articles for printable and online Elle Decoration Russia.

"Interior Design trends: how to implement them in your work on a product and in communication with clients to make the result modern and easy to get"

Ksenia Lery
Founder and Head of Trendsquire Trend Bureau
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Ksenia graduated from ENBA (Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Lyon) Maryse-Eloy in Paris. After the graduation she cooperated with advertising agencies in Europe and Asia, such as Publicis et nous, Dragon Rouge, Jerry Aurun, IKL.

After returning to Russia, she applied her international work experience and education to establish and develop a new direction – an analytical bureau for design trends forecasting.

In 2012 Trendsquire bureau team started their research of socio-cultural, consumer and aesthetic preferences. Trend bureau prepares and releases annual macro forecasts for 2 years ahead on changes of consumer preferences and interseasonal trend reports on visual tendencies in design and changes of aesthetic preferences.

Since 2016 Trendsquire together with Data Stories company (Belgium) launched AI project on research of core values and visual preferences of people.

Ksenia is an author of educational trainings on trend watching. She also teaches at British Higher School of Art and Design.

"How to become a highly-demand interior designer"

Pavel Gerasimov and Aleksey Ivanov
Interior Designers, Founders of Geometrium Interior Design Studio
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Pavel graduated from the School of Architecture and Design. His major was interior design. He finished many professional development courses on 3D visualization and design. He is the author of his own course on interior design and 3D visualization for designers and also for business management.

In 2013 together with Alex Ivanov Pavel founded their own interior design studio.

He is a co-author and a lecturer of the practice course “Internship” for interior designers and recent graduates. He has taught a number of workshops related to contemporary interior design.

Pavel spent 1.5 years living on Bali island (Indonesia). he travels a lot and inspires of new ideas for interior design.
Alex graduated from St. Petersburg College of Architecture and Construction and St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. He worked in the leading architectural studios of St. Petersburg.

In 2013 Alex together with Pavel Gerasimov founded their own interior design studio.

Alex is a co-author and a lecturer of the practice course “Internship” for interior designers and recent graduates. He has taught a number of workshops related to interior design business.

He travels a lot and always observes design ideas around the world.

"Interior Design Studio from A to Z: reliable business model"
Co-organizer: ArchDialog agency

Artur Yagubyants
Founder, head and chief architect at Artplanner design studio
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Artur has two degrees: in engineering and in architecture. He graduated from Moscow state university of civil engineering. He worked at all the stages of project development: interiors, architecture, engineering, construction.

In 2008 Artur found Artplanner design studio. He successfully collaborated with Sberbank, Rosoboronzakaz, the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

"How to implement your project straight out"

Dmitry Lagutin and Maryana Vecher
Founders of PLY Architect Bureau
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“One of the key human needs is the pursuance of harmony. We can take no notice of it, but it is essential for us to have it surrounding us in familiar environment.

Furniture created by PLY is the living embodiment of lines, forms and proportions harmony. Nothing to add and nothing to reduce, as the beast examples of classic architecture, but in modern style.

We sell what we created by ourselves, by our hands, in the heart of Moscow. We carefully follow every step of production at our own woodworking manufacture. Any piece of collection is unique and handmade.

Before we created our collection, we had been working on different pieces on a by-order basis. This is where all the series production ideas emerged. Every piece of series combines several demands from different ordering customers – features that people need the most from the perspective of functionality, ergonomics, quality and beauty”.

October 12, 2018, Friday

"How industrial designers should collaborate with manufactures"

Ilya Legchatov
Designer, Member of the Industrial Designers Club (IDC)
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In 2007 Ilya graduated from the Art college. After the graduation he has taught at the Art college and at the art school.

Since 2010 he has been working in Moscow in interior and furniture design. He always liked furniture design the most.

Ilya is the member of the Industrial Designers Club (IDC) and he takes active part in contests and exhibitions.

"Interior Designer VS Lighting Designer: partners, colleagues, competitors"
Co-organizer: ArchDialog agency

Ilona Boleyshits and Natalia Shalneva
Architect, head of AR-KA interior studio, and Lighting designer, lecturer at Moscow Architecture School MARCH

"FASHION & DESIGN: global trends in interior design"
Co-organizer: PITERRA company

Ilektra Canestri
Fashion and design expert, journalist, polyglot, lecturer at British Higher School of Art and Design and Moscow Film School, visiting lecturer at Lomonosov Moscow State University
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Ilektra is a permanent lecturer at Moscow museum of modern art. She also was an editor and columnist at Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Interni and other magazines.

Ilektra graduated with honors from the Department of Journalism of Lomonosov Moscow State University.
After a long term work as a journalist, columnist and editor for fashion and design print mediums and E-zines, she became a lecturer specialized in fashion and design. Her main research topics are the role of fashion and design and history of culture, interaction between fashion, design and architecture, influence of modern art on fashion and design development.

Ilektra’s educational programmes are aimed to creative sector specialists and help them to build a global approach towards information, local and general understanding of aesthetic and visual culture in common.

Her goal is not just to share knowledge, but to motivate students to develop, think out of the box and find for their own path.

Her hobbies and sources of inspiration are travelling, films and photography.

"Joinery: why are they needed and how to design and create them properly"

Alexander Schamne
Architect, Managing Director and Executive Partner of 4a Architekten GmbH Moscow
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Alexander was born in 1981, studied architecture at the Biberach University of Applied Sciences.
Worked from 2004 till 2005 at 4a Architekten GmbH Stuttgart. Since 2013 Alexander is a board member of KdAI in Moscow, since 2013 he is a president of Klub deutscher Ingenieure und Architekten. Since 2008 Alexander is a Managing Director and Executive Partner of 4a Architekten GmbH Moscow.

"15 questions clients ask designers while working on the lightings equipment of private interiors"

Alexander Saveliev
Lighting technician at Archistudio company
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Alexander participated in more than 100 implemented public and private interior design projects.

For more than 5 years Alexander works for Archistudio, representative of Italian manufactures.

"How to work with interior project visualizer remotely: find a reliable outsourcer and get the most out of joint work"
Co-organizer: Russian Product Design Association

Irina Kuleshova
Interior Designer, Stylist, Founder of VINTAGE Design Studio
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Irina is an author and head of VINTAGE studio projects. Since 2006 she is a practicing interior designer and stylist.

Irina is a member of the Russian Product Design Association. She participated in The Housing Question TV Show at NTV Channel. She is an author of many private and commercial interiors projects.

Irina generates ideas at her own studio, she design furniture for her projects.

Irina participates in international professional conferences related to interior design and HoReCa.

Irina is on the list of 100 most developing designers of Russia according to Union of Designers and Architects.

"Lifestyle Office Spaces: what does millennials generation choose?"
Co-organizer: ArchDialog agency

Anastasia Kovalchuk
Interior designer, head of design studio, author of private and public interiors projects

"Interior Design: it is a business, not a hobby"

Aiya Lisova
Interior Designer, Head of Aiya Design Studio
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Aiya is a mastermind and founder of Aiya Design studio, she is a private and public interior designer working according to the international professional standard IIDA.

Aiya graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of History, Department of the History of Arts, and from the International Design School with the major “Private and public interiors designer”. She also finished Lyndall Fernie course at Chelsea College of Arts (UAL, London).

Aiya is an author of workshops and special courses at the International Design School. She takes active part in professional exhibitions and as well speaks at these events.

Since 2010 Aiya has been working on designing and realization of private and commercial interiors projects. Her inspiration comes from trips to Europe, qualification courses in Russia and abroad, and also from creating workshops and special courses for professionals to promote sharing of best practices, building healthy competition and favourable professional environment, which helps to evolve in the field and set a higher bar for all the participants.

"What are key points for a client in choosing an interior designer"

Elena Rudenko
Interior Designer, Decorator
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In 2005 Elena graduated from Interior Design course at Academic School of Design. In 2006 took up a position as interior designer at Russian retail chain Starik Khottabych.

Within 7 years she worked her way from designer to the head of Design Department.

Since 2014 she practiced in Spain and participated in a number of private projects together with AmiDS company.

Elena’s portfolio includes private houses, apartments and flats in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Benidorm (Spain).

Her interior were published in ELITE-interior journal in 2017. She also took part in Pinwin 12 design contest of Salon Interior journal called Family traditions, continuity of generations.

“Murano Glass Chandelier: facts, myths, and trends”

Olga Shakhova
Representative of Murano Glass Lighting Factories in Russia and CIS, PhD candidate at Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Design and Applied Arts, Programme “Art Glass”
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Olga graduated from Voronezh State Technical University, Department of Architectural Space Design.

For the last 8 years Olga promotes 
Murano Glass Lighting Factories in Russia and CIS, such as Arte di Murano, Glass&Glass, Simone Cenedese.

With the support of Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Design and Applied Arts Olga works on a scientific research about 
Venini art glass.

October 13, 2018, Saturday

"Innovations at the apartment. Qualitative design for reasonable cost"

Sergey Tregubov
Interior designer, decorator, founder of Iroom design studio, TV Host

"How to find inspiration for your art"

Oksana Tsymbalova
Interior Designer, Head of House of the Sun Design Studio
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Oksana is private and public interiors designer, working according to the IIDA professional standard. She is an author of workshops and a participant and a speaker of various events.

“I can admit that I am a happy person. I am surrounded by the most wonderful and interesting people. Everyday my dreams come true and new ideas are born and put into life.

My design is a whole world for me, where a person lives in peace with soul and nature.

I am grateful to Universe for an opportunity to create, to gain energy and give it to you, for an opportunity to communicate, and also to study from the best teachers.

Every project is a new story for me, new ideas and decisions. I like to combine, to make experiments, to find the best solution in the framework of client’s budget.”

"Influence tools for interior design service promotion"

Olga Mikheeva
Head of Trendy PR bureau, marketing professional, relaiter
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During 20 years of her professional career as a marketing specialist Olga received valuable experience in various business and public structures, such as banking sector (BNP-Dresdner Bank), charity foundations, hospitality business (Radisson Royal Hotel/hotel "Ukraine"), international business and corporate events organization (Informa Group), retail (federal network "Starik Hottabych"), architecture and design (design studio AvKube).

Olga was responsible for development of communication strategy for companies, public relations, media relations, promotion of top figures, development of creative concepts of advertising campaigns, start of new projects, and as well as strategic networking for business. Olga received her Master degree in international marketing at London University, and together with many years of experience that allow her to understand needs of every business in a short time and find the only one and the best solution for promotion of the brand, product, person or a service. Since 2015 Olga leads Trendy PR bureau that specializes on promotion of brands, trademarks and service for architecture and interior design.

Olga loves to spend her free time with family. She continues studying foreign languages and photography, she reads a lot, does classic ballet and travels abroad.

«The new art deco. Timeless values and new materials»
Co-organizer: «Company Schukin»

Olga Rozet
Interior designer, decorator, artist, lecturer at the British Higher School of Art and Design
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Olga is a practising designer and interior decorator, lecturer and artist. She has a working experience in the field of design and education for more than 20 years.

She is also a tutor of "Interior decoration" course, lecturer at the British Higher School of Art and Design. Olga is an author and presenter of TV shows on personal creative fulfilment and professional 
advancement through art and design.

She is mastermind and director of "Olga Rozet Creative Workshop".

Olga is an author of offsite educational programmes in Russia and abroad on architecture, design and art (USA, France, the UK, Italy, Austria, etc.)

She is also a member of International Association of Interior Designers (USA) and British Institute of Design (the UK).

"The role of color in interior design"

Svetlana Serova
Professional colorist, interior designer
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• Expert of Radio Mayak
• Expert of METRO Newspaper
• Expert in nursery design
• Speaker at design related events
• Lecturer

Svetlana participates in various TV and radio projects, such as School of home decorating on TNT Channel, Country house on Channel One, Clean Job on REN TV Channel and many others.

Svetlana was born in St. Petersburg, she lived and studied in Sweden, Poland and France. Since 2004 she works as a professional interior designer.

Svetlana believes that color is the most effective instrument of design, that can not only transform the space, but also influence person’s life. All her projects are different, their main feature is original color scheme.

Svetlana studies psychology and color influence on human, basics of coloristics and housebuilding of Scandinavian houses, color influence of children psychoemotional state, special aspects of French interior coloristics.

Since 2006 Svetlana actively works on developing French style in Russia. In 2011 she graduated from    Russian State University of Cinematography as “Multimedia Director” and started to develop multimedia direction in nursery interiors.

"Hotels and Restaurants: rules for small spaces designing"
Co-organizer: ArchDialog agency

Anastasia Kasparyan
Architect, head of the architectural bureau Goldenheads, author of hotels and restaurants interiors design projects

"Art in interior design"

Kristina Kovalkova
Head of K2 Art Gallery, gallerist, interior designer, scientific secretary of Culturology section at the European Academy of Natural Sciences
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Kristina is engaged in interior designing for more than 20 years. In 2014 she found a modern art gallery “K2”. Today more than 1000 art pieces are exhibited there. All of them are made by progressive artists from Russia, CIS and neighboring countries. There are paintings, sculptures, handicraft, photography.

Kristina is a full member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences (Germany, Hannover), member of Moscow Union of Artists (Russia, Moscow) and member of International Association “Union of Designers” (Russia).

She is also a prize winner and participant of various international programmes, European Order of Honor recipient (Germany), and holder of medal named after Leonardo da Vinci (Germany-Italy), medal named after Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (Germany), and medal named after Vassili Kandinski (Germany-Russia).