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09 - 12 October 2019 • Moscow, Crocus Expo, Pavillion 2, Hall 9

“Made in Russia” (Creative furniture items from Russian industrial designers)

Designers know how difficult it is at times to choose furniture for this or that item, whether it be private or public interior. Fashion and economic conditions are changing, some suppliers are leaving the market. But sometimes it’s necessary to find something creative and special.
“Made in Russia” (Creative furniture items from Russian industrial designers)
Now there is no need to go far away to look for creative furniture and decor – all you need is to contact member companies of the Industrial Designers Club (IDC) founded in Russia.

The organisers call it the union of like-minded people developing batch production of design items and working on creating a competitive industry in Russia. The IDC includes such companies as Archpole, Uniquely, Voca, TK Workstudio.ru, Moonzana, Black Shagreen, PLY, Garage Factory, Kharchenko, Mytrud. Not only they set the trends in Russian industrial design but also carry out a noble and patriotic mission – promote the “Made in Russia” brand among consumers.

The items created by Russian industrial designers are fascinating , unusual, made of natural materials and often – handmade. Such items can give a new look to your interior. It’s a pleasure to look at them, to use them and, without doubt, they will entertain you for a long time.



It’s impossible to describe all products of the IDC members in a small article, so let’s concentrate on some particular furniture items. 

“More than just a desk” – this is the phrase that can illustrate the “HEXAGON” collection – a joint project of the designer Anna Kharchenko and ARCHPOLE production laboratory. All began with the idea to create an ideal desk, which resulted in an unusual and, at the same time, ergonomic hexagonal unit. This is a comfortable custom-made workplace. Interestingly, several such units can be assembled into a large work area for negotiations or project discussions. “HEXAGON” is sure to smoothly fit into any modern office space where
mobility and transformability are significant enough.

Birch plywood and old planks, metal and glass blocks – all this under the influence of imagination surprisingly transforms and turns into unusual items, such as Archpole Mishaflat table from ARCHPOLE with a solid oak table top and fascinating legs made of transparent glass blocks and metal plates. The brutal Archpole Mishaflat is just about ready to naturally complement a loft atmosphere.

Moonzana studio also produces furniture items for lofts so popular today as well as industrial and vintage apartments. These are artificially aged downhome items made according to antique drawings. All of them seem to have their own history. “Zinger console table” with an antique iron base and a solid oak table top is inspired by the fascination of the past, and furniture from the “Bombay” collection, resembling a multicoloured artist's palette, will add brightness to any interior. The company also produces simple clean Scandinavian-style furniture items. 


 “Nobody is confused by the Made in Russia text, on the contrary, it encourages many people to think beyond the conventional,” Leonid Lobzenko, founder of lllooch (beam) studio, says. This is a Russian brand of design home furniture and accessories.

The company designers do not just produce creative items. They take a new look at classic interior items and create absolutely new things with additional functions based on them. For example, a coffee table with a secret compartment. Its solid oak table top has two turning corners with integrated USB interfaces to charge mobile devices. Corner mechanisms are made of solid aluminium according to the aircraft industry standards, which ensures high quality and reliability. Light and solid table legs are inspired by the classical work of the designers Charles and Ray Eames.

The furniture made by Russian industrial designers is very diverse. Since manufacturers do not stick to any particular style, interior designers will easily find necessary furniture items. For example, the snow-white bedside-table Edge, with the front geometric pattern of triangles on different planes from one another, will add elegance to any interior. The white front hides the bedside-table interior painted black, making the item even more expressive. The manufacturer is Uniquely.

The IDC furniture, like any other products, needs advertising. Time has shown exhibitions to be the most efficient marketing tools for Russian industrial designers. Exhibitors from the last-year exhibition HOMI (since this year, it will be held under the InDecor brand) have stated a beneficial effect of their participation in it and are going to participate in InDecor in 2016 as well, emphasising the fact that the visitors of the exhibition are their direct target audience: designers, architects, dealers, in other words, potential partners from all over the country. Everybody who would like to see newly-designed interior items from Russian industrial designers and to establish new business contacts should visit the InDecor exhibition.

InDecor exhibition organisers look forward to seeing buyers, architects and designers as well as everybody who is interested in home improvement at Crocus Expo, Moscow on October 12-15, 2016.

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