Exhibition of interior decoration
09 - 12 October 2019 • Moscow, Crocus Expo, Pavillion 2, Hall 9

Light the stage!

Interior lighting has ceased to play only a practical role long time ago. Having gone beyond its functional use, it has become an integral aesthetic element of contemporary design and a source of positive emotions.
Light the stage!
Lights from the leading world manufacturers no longer surprise us by new shapes, proportions or finishing. They are real art objects, and at times only they can completely transform any interior. 


What inspires leading lighting designers today? The answer to this question was given at the largest international exhibitions held in 2016 – Maison & Objet (France), Salone Internazionale del Mobile (Italy) and ICFF (USA). 


Chandeliers, standard lamps, wall lamps and desk lamps presented within these exhibitions reflect common design trends –  utilisation of such materials as marble, yellow and rose gold, brass and copper, wood, concrete (or its imitation); “bare” chandeliers; retro and space themes as well as adding nature motives to lighting design, etc. 

“Bare” chandeliers (having only a frame) is a trend remaining popular for already several seasons at a time. Such models are made of metal, wood and other materials. They have candle-shaped lamps or a contemporary version of the Edison bulb, reminding us of the retro style so popular today. Today’s items successfully imitate incandescent lamps and render a special touch to the lights, which allows them to perfectly suit different interiors, but above all – loft interiors.

The space theme could not leave many manufacturers indifferent, each of which gave their own interpretation of the enigmatic world of stars and galaxies. So, the Split Lamp light from the HYFEN collection from HCWD Studio resembles Saturn. A double-sided mirror disk made of stainless steel crosses a glass frosted bulb containing the lamp in the centre. The “mirror” hovering at an unusual angle creates a mesmerising light and shadow effect and completely changes conventional knowledge of a pendant fitting.
U-Light suggested its own version of the space theme. A thin metal U-shaped frame has a luminous ring connected to its end, which looks as if it were weightless. Luminous rings are a trend, used by some manufacturers. The light from the “Goslar” collection from Regenbogen is one of such models, representing three luminous glass hoops fixed on a metal base and incrusted with crystal glass. 


Starburst – this is the exact name of the space theme for chandeliers and desk lamps displayed on the exhibition stands of such companies as Chaddok, Jean de Merry, John Richard.
As innovations of the latest exhibitions show, many interior light creators are inspired by nature motives: bunches, branches, leaves and even … feathers. Glamour lovers are certain to like the Feather desk lamp from
MINEHEART. Luxurious white or black ostrich feathers are fixed on the metal gilded frame, triggering associations with elegant feather boas or feathered bonnets.
Leading company designers get inspiration from all kinds of sources. BOVER seems to get it from Geometry lessons. Curved lines, sharp angles, proportional details – all this describes the Dome pendant fitting. Over 170 big and small wooden elements are tangled to produce a complex lighting sculpture. It is more than just a light because, besides lighting a room, it transforms it, making one look at the familiar anew and bringing one joy with a complex light and shadow effect. 


While some manufacturers focus on the aesthetic advantages of lights, others remind us of the fact that those are sophisticated appliances, and produce even more advanced items. Those who like to read interior design magazines are sure to have seen desk lamps in the middle of a room many times . How do I switch them on? Where is the outlet? Sometimes they are installed right on the floor, but this is extremely inconvenient. KARTELL has come up with a better solution – the Battery desk lamp, which is battery-powered. It is charged via a micro USB-interface and can uninterruptedly operate for eight hours. Innovative wireless technologies are used in the Lantern light, too, (designed by Fabio
Novembre), having a charger stand. 


The Alphabet of Light collection from Artemide aroused much interest from designers. Base units, straight or curved, with clear geometrical proportions, make it possible to combine elements so that light can produce texts on walls. Imagine a creative interior with this Alphabet!
Lighting innovations can be discussed for a long time, but it’s better not only to read about them on the Internet or mass media pages, but to see them with your own eyes.

InDecor exhibition organisers – ITE Group of companies – look forward to seeing buyers, architects and designers as well as everybody who is interested in home improvement at Crocus Expo IEC on October 12-15, 2016.

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