Exhibition of interior decoration
09 - 12 October 2019 • Moscow, Crocus Expo, Pavillion 2, Hall 9

Scented candles YANKEE CANDLE at InDecor Moscow 2019


YANKEE CANDLE is the founder of aromatization and the most famous manufacturer of scented candles in the world. All products are made from natural ingredients.

Scented candles YANKEE CANDLE at InDecor Moscow 2019

Scented Yankee Candle candles in elegant jars will not only envelop the magic aroma, but also perfectly fit into the interior. Such scented candles can be used both in the house and on the veranda or in the garden. Glass makes burning candles almost safe. In the assortment, you can choose large (110-150 hours), medium (65-90 hours) and small (25-40 hours) "jars". Candles Yankee Candle have one pronounced aroma or combined fragrances.
Candles in a glass possess an interesting property - they weigh less, but they burn longer. This contributes to a special wax composition, as well as a series of specially made wicks from cotton.
Floating tea lights are one of the most interesting products.

Yankee Candle offers:

  • aroma diffusers
  • flavors for cars
  • candle accessories

At the exhibition InDecor Moscow 2019 you can find the latest collections of Yankee Candle scented candles, which will help to create comfort and fill any room with an enchanting aroma!


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